Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. This is the first year I have been away from my family for a Holiday like this. I was really sad about it, but it ended up being pretty similar to Thanksgiving at home. (minus all my beloved family members) I really have a lot to be thankful for this year. God has just really blessed me.
The day started out with class. (haha yes we still had class) But we did one on one studying with each of the kids (I had help from Ines and Cynthia helping study, and Matt watching the kids who weren't studying...thank you!!) After class they set up a huge table outside at the orphanage and we all got to sit around the same table for our Thanksgiving meal. We each went around to say what we were thankful for (some of the kids said theirs in english) and Cantal and Ines helped explain what Thanksgiving was in the U.S. The food was almost tradtional Thanksgiving food and was very delicious. I really enjoyed being able to have Thanksgiving with all the kids and hearing what they were Thankful for. The Tia's though they took their Thanksgiving food home and did not eat with us also shared what they were thankful for. After the meal we went to a parade. Starting this last wednesday, until this coming wednesday its "Shell days". They have 3 parades, they vote for a queen for Shell days, there was a talent show last night and there are other people from the other parts of the Pastaze Providence staying in Shell for the week. It's very interesting and Shell is a lot busier than normal!
Last night at about a quarter till 7 we started heading over to ANOTHER thanksgiving. (haha 2 Thanksgivings...very much like home) It was with some of the other missionaries in Shell. Anyone who doesn't have family here was invited. This was more of a traditional feeling Thanksgiving. We even had improvised sweet potatoes...which were very good. And more colorful! The potatoes are a purple color...and on top of that the marshmellows were colored marshmellows! After dinner we sat around and sang gospel and worship songs with a guitar. (The music part that always comes into play at family events at my dads) We were there until about 10:30. It was really nice to be with other people close to my age and just hang out and sing together. By the time we got home I was so tired, well I was actually ready for a nap after the first thanksgiving meal...then it was off to bed for me. (well after a little bit of reading)
Just being here longer and longer I feel so THANKFUL for the position God has put me in right now. Just the other day I was at the park with my kids and I was swinging with them, every way I turned my head there were mountains... These mountains are so huge and beautiful. Back to where I was in just being so amazed at the creativity of God. I can't get over it. The things he is doing in peoples lives, being able to see him in them, being able to see his hand in these kids lives, I have no words for it. I am just thankful to be a part of it, a part of all these amazing peoples lives. I really, really miss my family and friends...but I wouldn't have spent this Thanksgiving any other way if I could have :-)

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Girl, you make me all teary eyed. I'm so glad you're enjoying it and that you had an amazing Thanksgiving. <3