Wednesday, November 19, 2008


As you may know, I am currently in Shell Ecuador teaching english at La Casa De Fe orphanage. This week is my third full week of class. I feel really blessed that God has chosen me to be here for the kids in this season of their life. There are 54 amazing kids that live in the orphanage, 7 of them are in my class. They range from ages 7-11. They are extremely wonderful, smart kids. Things go a little slower in our class, as they are learning new things and english at the same time. I haven't set an exact cirriculum as my kids are all different levels and I am trying to find out what they know. Some of the kids have had more school than the others, but they all have great potential. Right now we are studying the Christmas story. We have been writing one verse from Matthew each day in spanish and in english and have read through it twice in both languages.We also have vocabulary words each week. Today we had our first test. The kids did pretty good. After class I ususally come home for lunch and then head back to the orphanage to play for a while before my spanish-english lessons with Ines.(I teach her english and she teaches me spanish) It can be very difficult since neither of us speaks the others language, except a few words. None-the-less it's going pretty good. We only study for an hour.... but it is everyday.
Chantal and I take a free Ecuadorian aerobics class Monday-Thursday. We have only been going 3 days a week. This week we were so excited to make it the whole 4 days that it goes on, to find out tomorrow it is cancelled! So...three days again.
Thanksgiving is soon! Then Christmas! I can't believe how fast time goes.....

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tinyhandsarelove said...

It all sounds great. I wish I was there with you. Soon enough though.

Will you be fluent in spanish by summer? :)

(Surprise, I have a blog...!)