Thursday, November 20, 2008

Esta Jueves!

It's almost the weekend! And we just got some bannana's from our bannana tree! And we ordered pizza tonight! Can life get any better? haha. Pizza here isn't the same as pizza in the US though. No sauce. Kinda salty. But still good.
Anyway. Today. It was the first day I gave the kids homework. When I went back to the orphanage after lunch they were working on it! It went much better than I thought. Santiago, who was really upset with me in class, was even doing his homework! haha. Also Rosa finished her letter and decided it should go to Leah since they are the same age.
I don't think that I mentioned in my last post that the kids are going to have pen pals. Maybe I did? Well...they are going to have pen pals in the states. I think it will be fun for them to learn to write letters in english as well as make friends and learn about a different culture. We already wrote letters but they were even more excited when I told them their new friends names and ages.
They are also suprising me at how good they are at math and how easy they catch on. We started working on adding with expressions. (eg: 5+N=7 sooo N=2) Get it?
We are also working on a list of 33 vocabulary words. We did 12 today. They had to write sentences in english with their vocab words.
Wooo, I think the kids are ready for the weekend too. They keep asking to come to my house to color and play cards.
Which I am not sure what the plans are for the weekend. I think camping on the property. (which there is some good news about that)
And going grocery shopping. Who knows what else. Playing with some kids. I know Chantals class is coming over on Sunday. Maybe I will take the kids swimming if its not raining?

Anyway..back to good news.

Patti Sue was saying the plan is to be on the property by March. Which is great news. If they get the money to finish the multi-use building they can move up there and not have to pay rent!! Which is an extra $400 a month to go towards building. Annnd that much closer to a better life for the kids....
here's the dream:
One multi-use building
A bunch of small house's to fit 5 or so kids plus one adult
Classrooms for home schooling
Patti Sue's house
A Guest house

This is all so the kids can have more one on one attention in more of a family like environment.
Plus the better education for the kids since they will learn in english and with home schooling advantage.
A guest house for groups that come to help out at the orphanage. (or teachers, nurses, ect.)

Plus they will be out of the center of shell, with more room to run around and play without worries. :-)

If you have any questions about what else is going on..or want to help out...or have me!
Or you can check out the orphanage website and sign up for Patti Sue's newsletter. is almost here..

p.s. Patti Sue needs a kindergarden teacher in January and a sub for Chantals class for 2 weeks in April. Just something to pray about...
maybe you wanna come hang out.

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tinyhandsarelove said...

Okay, iz be kindergarten teacher.

Jk. Maybe.

Sounds great! Pizza doesn't sound great there but that's okay...haha.

I love that you call them the kiddos.

You're in my prayers, always.