Monday, April 11, 2011

Ecuador and

So...after a long time of praying and talking to family and friends......and praying and talking to family and friends....I finally felt at peace with my decision to go back to Ecuador for this school year. I really, really wanted to go but I wanted to make sure that it wasn't just me wanting to go back, but that it was really what God had in His plans for me in this next season of my life.

This means I am leaving in August!

This time I am going to go through a wonderful organization (Cornerstone International) who will help me with my budgeting, send out my news letters, a million different other things that will be extremely helpful BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY...THEY WILL BE PRAYING FOR ME EVERY THURSDAY! Prayer is so important. It will be so encouraging being down there and knowing that I have prayer warriors who are praying for me BY NAME every Thursday.

I get the opportunity to go and meet everyone at Cornerstone next month and see what goes on at their "headquarters" or "home base" or whatever you want to call it. The prayer room and where all the behind the scenes stuff takes place. While I am in Kentucky visiting Cornerstone I also am SUPER BLESSED to be able to go and spend a little time with JEFFERSON! I get to meet his family! I get to see where he lives and what he does and how much he's grown!



This is the link to my new Etsy Baby Shop. I named it after one of my little girls that I spoil from La Casa De Fe. <3 Nicole. I am using it as a way to help support myself while I am down in Ecuador. So if you know someone who is going to have a baby or if you have a baby CHECK IT OUT!

please ;-)