Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Querido Diario

It's Tuesday! The weeks go by so fast! Yesterday was a really hard, long day. Not only did we have a hard time in class paying attention or following instructions (which we missed out on going to the park because of). We started working on some math that no one really understood, or could comprehend because of the language barrier. Then I had a horrible headache and skipped out on the military workout class to watch Oklahoma. Then it was bed time for me. Today has been 100% better! We didn't do math until the end of class which everyone seemed to grasp the concept today.Also we spent most of our time reading, memorizing and learning a couple songs about Jesus birth in english and in spanish! Which the kids really enjoyed. We also got to go to the park for a little bit today because they were not when they werent supposed to and following directions very well.(only complaining a little when it was time for math)Cynthia, Matt, Luke and I went to lunch at Alexanders today which was very good. Soon I am going to go back to the orphanage to play for a bit and talk to Patti Sue about picking up mail and also have spanish lessons. Then tonightI should probably go to the workout class since I skipped last night. Especailly if I am planning on eating all the goodie Christmas food when I get back. mmm. Speaking of good holiday food. Thursday is Thanksgiving! They celebrate Thanksgiving at the orphanage. All of the older kids get to say what they are thankful for before everyone eats. It's not as traditional, as far as foods gobut its the thought that matters. That they are giving thanks to God for the things in their lives they are thankfulfor. What else is Thanksgiving about? Thats about all that is going on right now. Also, if you haven't, check out Matt's blog. He's a good writer.www.facelessinternational.com/forumsthen scroll down until you see his name..Matt Davis


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