Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog from Sunday night

It's been a few days since I've blogged! This weekend has been sort of lazy, minus the adventurous Friday night.Friday night we were invited to go sing karaoke with a German couple and some Canadian girls who are stayingin Shell as well. The German male and one of the Canadian girls are interning at the missionary hospital, so someof their other co-workers went as well. We traveled to Puyo by bus to a restaurant that lost power twice while Wewere eating but had excellent food. Then we took a taxi (13 of us one taxi..truck..yes we mostly were piled into the bed of the truck...interesting site) to the first karaoke place. Not even within 5 minutes of getting there the tv breaks. So we get another taxi (yes still 13 of us) to another karaoke place where...everyone is horribly singingsad love songs in spanish. All this is okay though...because we just keep saying this will be a good story,one thatsounds a lot better than it actually was...and thats kind of how the night was. It sounds a lot more interesting thanit actually was.
Saturday morning we went on a short hike to a waterfall...which would have been absolutely amazing..but I had a horrible headache. I've been getting headaches a lot recently. Matt seems to think it has something to do withthe muscles in my back. Which could be true because my back hurts often too. The waterfall was beautiful I just hada hard time enjoying myself with the headache. So we got home and I slept...for a few hours, and I watched Newsies. Which was amazing. I had not seen it before. I didn't really do a lot of anything yesterday but sleep and try to getrid of my headache.
Today. I woke up and felt much much better. I made some toast and some coffee, listened to Christmas music, almost made us miss church because I just KNEW it was 1030 and not 10..good thing Patti Sue came to pick us up. Went to church with Patti Sue and the kids..went to lunch after church...I think I learn something new about the kids and their stories everyday.After that I read some and made some soup.Then we walked to Alexanders so Cynthia could get popcorn. Shell Days is still going there was a big concert in the middle of town and the most people I have everseen in Shell. The musicians were some "rock" band..decked out in leather. Everyone was screaming for them andsinging along. It was pretty interesting. I dont know who they were but they seemed pretty popular here. Also therewere just a bunch of fireworks that went off! It really feels more like summer than almost Christmas here. Which speaking of Christmas, I am really really looking forward to the Holidays with my family and friends. I miss everyone. It's so crazy to think that I will be going home in just 2 1/2 weeks.
Tomorrow after class I am going to go to Puyo to try and get my mail...again. My mom sent me Christmas cd's about2 1/2 weeks ago and I have yet to recive them. Also I am going to finish up my Christmas shopping! I got pictures of the snow in KC. I really hope there is snow when I get home. I can't say enough how excited I am for the holidays.I am also looking forward to all the things that will be new here when I get back as well. This next year is goingto be a great year...

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tinyhandsarelove said...

Melissa, the band was obviously the Jonas Brothers! Leather, screaming, singing along. Jeez.

2 weeks is super soon! Enjoy your time and be ready for some Christmas/New Years fun! Tell Matt hi.

P.S. New Years Eve - Kayla is hosting a Winter Masquerade Ball at Dallas & Jordan's. How fun would that be? Masks, a cozy place to hang out, all our friends there. I will probably help decorate - drag Katie along too. :)