Thursday, December 11, 2008

hooola lluvio,chao santiago :(

Wow so I am sitting in my classroom right now and it is RAINING outside. So much my computer is sort of getting wet and I can feel the rain blowing in from the wind. I can also hardly hear anything but the rain right now. Funny thing is the rain will probably stop in 5-10 minutes and then it will become sunny and hot! Or maybe not? But most likely.

Anyway, tomorrow is my last day of class! We are just going to review everything we've done over the past month and a half. I am going to miss my kids a lot when I am home for Christmas. And I just found out today that I am going to be coming back to one less kid...
Santiago (my class), Ramero (chantals class) and Moises (one of the younger boys) are all brothers and their dad decided he is coming to get them next Friday. They also have a sister here who has cerebral palsy, their mother died while in labor with her, so the father is not taking her. I don't know anything about the family they are going back to, but hear say has it that the father now has a girlfriend that lives with him to help him take care of the boys.
So along with still praying for Cynthias father and family I ask that you also pray for Santiago, Ramero and Moises. That it is a good thing they are going back with their father, that he can take care of them properly and that they continue to grow and learn knowing Gods love.
It's so sad to see one of my students go but at the same time it could be a happy thing... My class will deffinately be different without him.