Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, Monday

So today is Monday...after a long uneventful weekend of staying in my pajamas and watching almost the whole first season of Heroes...class starts again.
This week I am just going to spend the whole week reviewing and testing over what we have learned so far, since I am leaving in next week and will only have class Monday. I want to make sure they don't forget everything they've learned :)
I haven't blogged recently and aside from the lazy's whats been going on. (We'll go backwards)
Friday we painted our desks however they wanted. Which ended up in a huge mess that was impossible to clean up. Despite my newly splatter painted floor the kids desks look great. I will have to borrow a camera to take pictures :) Also this weekend some guys from Kentucky were here until Sunday just to kind of look around and see what goes on because they are going to be doing some fund raising for the orphanage. So friday night we ate at El Jardins (aka worlds best steakhouse).
Thursday night after I went to bed I got woken up by Matt saying our friend Cynthia was here and she needed our help. Her father had an aneurysm and she needed to get to Quito asap so she could fly out. Patti Sue was in Quito already so we had to try and figure out how she could get there and the fastest way possible. We helped pack her stuff and got her a cab to Quito (which is 5 hours away) Matt rode with her and rode back with Patti Sue so we would be sure she got there safe. The trip to Quito and rescheduling her flight worked out well. She got to the hospital before her dad had to have surgery and the doctors said the surgery went as well as possible. He is still in critical condition so if you get the chance and think about it say a little prayer for him, their family and the doctors.
Tomorrow we are going to get out of class early as the family upstairs asked us to join them on their trip to Ambato to go Christmas shopping at the mall, see a movie and out to dinner. It should be nice. There are even some american type "restaurants" there. (If you want to call McDonalds, KFC, Tacobell restaurants) :)
I am really looking forward to coming home for Christmas and seeing everyone.....

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