Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Morning

I can't believe it's already Thursday morning. And getting closer and closer to Christmas.The other day in class we made paper snowflakes and listened to Christmas music in Spanish.Then we didnt put them up until that night and I didn't bring my computer but all the girls were still singing their Christmas songs. It was so cute. It hardly seems like Christmas with all this summer weather. Yesterday the kids started taking timed times tests. Everytime they pass one they get a piece of a paper bannana split and when they pass all their tests we get to go out for a real bannana split. They are really excited and it has helped...some of actually study.
:-) Today weare going to try and play math jepordy..and I told them we could listen to Christmas music during class again if they were good. I am going to try and come up with some fun way for the kids to do a short Christmas skit or something interactive with the Christmas story for next week, but I haven't found anything just yet.
Well I need to get ready for class but I will write more tonight.

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