Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh What A Day..

Hola! Today has been a super busy day. I am ready for bed and its only 5:30. My day started out at 7:15. I woke up and went to the dentist. They did the root canal Tuesday and today they made a mold for the crown and some other stuff, I dont really know because I couldnt ask ha. Then after the dentist Melissa and I went to get her censo. Which was a nightmare because their printer in Puyo broke so we had to take a bus an hour away to Banos to get her censo because she was running out of time to get it. Which while in Banos we find out that it could be possible that I will not be able to renew my tourist visa after my 90 days are up. Soo. Now we have to find out if that is true or not this week. Because if its true I will have to travel back to the states for 3 weeks to get all my paper work done for my 1 year visa. Which will be super expensive...including doctors visits, lots of paper work, plane tickets and what not. So if you think about it..pray that its not true, and that I CAN get my 90 day visa renewed. Then I wont have to worry about all that hassle until I am home for the summer.
So as for taking a day off...I am more worn out than if I had taught school today!
I started thinking about taking actual spanish lessons...from a real spanish teacher. Its only once a week and only $5 a session. So at the most $20 a month. I am sure it would help a lot! Plus instead of just getting the conversational aspect I would be getting grammer as well.

Spotlight is tonight and we have told the Tia's at the orphanage about it so we'll see if more people turn up!
Also we had our 2nd meeting of our womens study this week...except I wasn't all there because I basically went straight there after getting the root canal. The book we are reading is pretty good so far and I am looking forward to more fellowship with the ladies. It's a pretty diverse group so I am sure JC will teach us a lot of things through each other.

In school the kids are doing good. We are learning to count money and tell time at the moment. All math is in english now. So we are doing math and english on a block schedule. Which has been going pretty smoothly because we will work really hard one day and the next have a more activity hands on day. Which works out well because they have been less angry with the paper work.

Well I really think thats all I have to share at this minute. But please email or call or IM me to chat about anything!


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